Standard Terms of Sale

These Terms of Sale set forth the conditions which apply to sales made through the web site between any person who purchases EGIDE products (hereinafter the Products) and the company EGIDE SAS, a company incorporated under French law and registered under number 789 832 169 at the Trade and Companies Registry of Nantes, whose registered office is located at 30 bis rue Clémence Royer, 44100 Nantes, France.

Telephone: + 33 (0)9 81 42 07 29

Clause 1 – Purpose

 Any order made in respect of a product shown in the online store at the web site presupposes the prior consultation of these terms of sale.

These Terms of Sale shall only apply to purchases made through the Online Store.

We reserve the right to amend these Terms of Sale at any time. The effective date of these Terms of Sale is stated below. The applicable Terms of Sale are those in force on the date when the order was made.
Any order of a product shall be deemed to be an unconditional acceptance by you of these terms.

Clause 2 – Price

 The prices for our products are stated in euros inclusive of tax (VAT and other taxes which apply on the date of the order), unless stated otherwise and exclude any processing and shipment costs.

In the event of an order to be delivered to a country other than Mainland France, you shall be deemed to be the importer of the relevant product(s). You may have to pay customs duties or other local taxes, import duties or state taxes. Any such duties and sums are not EGIDE’s responsibility. They shall be paid by you and are your entire responsibility, both in terms of any declarations and payments to be made to the appropriate authorities and bodies in your country. We recommend that you obtain information concerning such aspects from your local authorities.

All orders, irrespective of their origin, shall be payable in euros.

EGIDE reserves the right to change its prices at any time, but the product will be invoiced on the basis of the applicable prices at the time of confirmation of the order and shall be subject to availability.

EGIDE reserves the right to refuse to honour an order, if the price is subject to a typographical or printing error.

The products shall remain EGIDE’s property until payment in full of the price.

N.B.: as soon as you take physical possession of the products ordered, any risk of loss or damage to the products will be transferred to you.

Clause 3 – Orders

 Any order made on the web site entails adherence to these Terms of Sale.

Any order confirmation entails your full and complete adherence to these standard terms of sale, with no exceptions and without any reservations.

All the information provided and the confirmation recorded will be deemed to be evidence of the transaction.

You represent that you are fully aware thereof.

The order confirmation will be deemed to be a signature and an acceptance of the transactions effected.

A summary of your order information and of these Standard Terms will be sent to you in PDF format at the email address used for your order confirmation.

EGIDE reserves the right not to register a payment, and not to confirm an order for any reason whatsoever, including in particular in the event of a supply problem, or in the event of any difficulty concerning the order received.

The photos which represent the products are for information purposes only and do not form part of the contract. EGIDE may as a result deliver an item to the customer which is slightly different from that seen by the consumer on the web site.

Clause 4 – Payment

 EGIDE accepts payments by bank card (credit card, Visa, MasterCard).

Pursuant to the Law dated 13 March 2000 on electronic signatures, the customer recognises that the fact of sending its bank card information and confirming its order will lead to an authorisation to debit its bank account in favour of EGIDE. The products shall remain the exclusive property of EGIDE until receipt of full payment for the order. The order is shipped once the customer’s account has been debited in favour of EGIDE. Other than in the event of fraud, any payment made is irrevocable. As from the effective date of delivery, the customer is liable for any risks concerning its product (loss, damage, theft…).

Clause 5 – Billing

 The invoice is sent to the email address provided at the time of the order. Any mistake made when entering the information relating to the order cannot be relied on as against EGIDE.

Clause 6 – Cooling-off period

 Pursuant to Article L.121-21 of the French Consumer Code, you have a 14-day cooling-off period from receipt of your products within which to exercise your right of cancellation, without having to provide any reasons or paying any penalty.

The returns can be made in their original condition and shall be complete (packing, accessories, instructions). In such circumstances, you shall incur liability. Any damage suffered by the product at this time may result in you losing your right to cancel the contract.

The costs of return shall be paid by the customer, EGIDE shall pay the costs for the return of a new, exchanged product, only if within the 14-day period.

If the right of cancellation is exercised, EGIDE shall refund the sums paid within a period of 14 days from notice of your request and using the same payment method as that used at the time of the order.

Clause 7 – Claims

 The customer is obliged to inspect the condition of the parcel which is delivered and to open it in front of the carrier, in order to make a claim directly against the carrier, if the parcel has been damaged during transportation.

The customer is also obliged to check that the product complies with the order within 48 hours of receiving the product. In the event that the product does not conform to the order, the customer shall contact EGIDE’s customer service department in order to notify it of its complaints. After this period of 48 hours, any claim shall be refused. Any return of a product by the customer must have been expressly accepted by EGIDE.

Any claim made within 48 hours of receipt of the product by the customer, which is accepted by EGIDE, shall result in a return of the new product and the delivery costs shall be paid by EGIDE.

Clause 8 – Availability

Our products are offered for sale for so long as they can be viewed on the site and while stocks last.

If a product is not available after you have placed your order, we will notify you by email. Your order will be automatically cancelled and your bank card will not be debited.

Clause 9 – Delivery

 The products are delivered to the delivery address provided during the order process, within the period stated on the order confirmation page.

In the event of a later shipment, you will be sent an email informing you of any consequences with regard to the delivery date which you were notified of.

EGIDE cannot incur any liability for a late delivery or failure to deliver, if that delay or failure results from unforeseeable and unavoidable events, caused by a third party to the contract or by an event of force majeure.

If a carrier is making the delivery, EGIDE cannot be held liable for any delay in the delivery which is exclusively due to the customer being unavailable, after several delivery times have been suggested.

The customer must notify EGIDE’s customer service department of any failure to deliver or late delivery, within 8 business days of the agreed delivery date. 30 business days after confirmation of the order, no claims may be taken into consideration.

Clause 10 – Warranty

 All our products come with a two-year legal warranty of product conformity and warranty against hidden defects, as provided for by Articles L211-4 to L211-3 of the French Consumer Code and Articles 1641 et seq. of the French Civil Code. In the event that a product sold does not conform to the order, it can be returned, exchanged or refunded.

Any complaints or requests for an exchange or refund must be made by post (30 bis rue Clémence Royer 44100 Nantes France) or by email ( within a period of 30 days from delivery.

The products must be returned to us in the same condition in which you received them, together with all the elements (accessories, packing, instructions…).

Clause 11 – Liability

 The products offered for sale comply with the applicable French legislation. EGIDE shall not incur any liability in the event of a breach of the legislation in the country where the product is delivered. It is your responsibility to check with the local authorities whether it is possible to import or use products or services which you intend to order.

In addition, EGIDE cannot be held liable for any damage resulting from:

  • improper use of the product purchased,
  • ordinary wear and tear of the Product(s),
  • the transportation or storage of the Product(s),
  • use which does not comply with the intended purpose of the Product(s) or poor maintenance,
  • breach of the instructions for the use and maintenance of the Product(s), as set forth in the instruction guide for the Product(s),
  • any modification of the Product(s),
  • a shock, caused by sharp objects, or by twisting, compressing or dropping the Product(s) or by an abnormal impact or other actions outside our control.

Finally, EGIDE shall not incur any liability for any nuisance or damage which is inherent to the use of the Internet, including in particular any interruption in service, any hacking or the presence of computer viruses.

Clause 12 – Choice of law in the event of disputes

These standard terms of sale are governed exclusively by French law, to the exclusion of any conflict of law rules. In the event of a dispute, an attempt will be made to reach an amicable solution before any claim is brought before the courts. EGIDE’s customer service department will handle any claims and disputes with the utmost care.

Any dispute shall be submitted to the sole jurisdiction of the courts in Nantes.

Clause 13 – Intellectual property

EGIDE owns all the contents which are published or made available on its web site: logo, trademark, design, drawings, text, photographs, illustrations and its specific typography.

Any natural or legal person who wishes to copy, redistribute or use all or part of the contents of the web site must ask for EGIDE’s prior consent.

Any ordinary link or hyperlink is strictly prohibited without EGIDE’s express written consent.

Clause 14 – Personal data

In order to ensure the proper processing of the order, the customer must provide information which is required by EGIDE, which acknowledges receipt of the same. Such information is strictly confidential and cannot be disclosed to third parties without prior consent.

Pursuant to the French Data Protection Law dated 6 January 1978, the customer has a right of access, right to modify, rectify, object and delete any personal data relating to it. The customer can exercise this right by contacting EGIDE through its web site in the contacts section.

This data will be subject to computer-processing pursuant to Law n°78-17 dated 6 January 1978, as amended by the Law dated 6 August 2004. The processing of the customer’s personal data will be declared to the French Data Protection Agency (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés or CNIL).

EGIDE reserves the right to harvest data concerning its customer by using cookies, in order to provide an improved personalised service for internet users. Subject to obtaining the customer’s consent, EGIDE may send it newsletters, sales offers, advertisements, marketing or promotions.

Clause 15 –  Waiver – Severability

No amendment to the contract by the customer shall be deemed to be valid, unless it is drawn up, signed and dated by the parties.

If any of the clauses hereof should prove to be void or unenforceable, it shall in no event affect the enforceability or validity of the other clauses of these standard terms of sale. The relevant clause shall then be replaced by another provision which is as close as possible to the original one.

Clause 16 – Customer Service

Our Customer Service Department will assist you with regard to any questions concerning your order from the Online Store. You can contact us by email or telephone, from Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 6pm, apart from bank holidays:

By telephone: +33 9 81 420 729  By email:

Version 2017-1; published and effective on 1st December 2017.